A Bouquet of Rosso for Valentines Day

*Every Friday I pick a bottle from the wine list and open it for the staff.  Here’s what we drank last week.*

I love Rosso di Montalcino, when I’m buying.  If you’re buying then it Brunello time.  It’s not that I’m cheap it’s just that I’m a smart shopper…and a little cheap.

Essentially Rosso di Montalcino is the kid brother to Brunello.  It’s made to be more approachable in both its youth and price.  Great for people that want the 5 star experience in the 3 star price range.

The San Filippo Estate has belonged to the Fanti Family since the beginning of the eighteenth century. It extends over about 300 hectares, of which 52 are specialized vineyards, 110 are olive orchards, with over 8,500 olive trees, 80 hectares used for seed plots and 70 as forests.

The nose is full, delicate, very intense and fruity. With light oak hints.  The palate is soft, with rich black fruit with medium density sweet tannins very well balanced with its acidity. A rich fruity and lingering aftertaste.

Tenuta Fanti Rosso di Montalcino – $24.99
(Available at Better Specialty Wine Shops)


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